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About H&H Civils Ltd

H&H Civils Ltd was formed during 2019, with a mission to provide the most efficient work quality to the industry and its many participants.

Throughout the working years of our managing directors, we have noticed nothing but limitations to consistent top quality work outputs throughout sites all across the UK. H&H Civils Ltd recognises these limitations and has set out to begin reviving the voids that clients have limited choices to deal with. For example the poor quality but high price of labour being supplied to you, no tools & equipment, poor standards of work produced, lacking general work punctuality.

H&H Civils Ltd strives alongside our clients by treating a client's contract with the same severity and importance from day one, this adoption of importance commits to the final snagging and handover phase. We work closely supplying intensive management support, project evaluation and progression, remote management to designated work staff ensuring high outputs of group and individual productivity. With the extensive experience we hold as close company we are able to identify client needs and progress stage with minimal information which allows us to keep un-allocated timescales to an absolute minimum.

Peace of mind for our client is our Company

Our End Goal

Throughout the years trading as individuals, each with our own pathway of gaining knowledge and understanding to equate to the extensive experience we hold today, we have always felt the consequences of incompetence work abilities and poor quality within punctuality. This slack quality supply chain, encouraged by the minority of companies just employing individuals over a quick phone to get them signed up and straight to site, has left a large void within the labour supply industry, of course leaving the construction industry one of the biggest benefactor's to suffer extensively. This is the end goal H&H Civils Ltd is here, to take away the burden of the supply chain process has adopted and reproduce the structure, for example self-employment, the true definition; Sub-contractors not turning up with any tools/equipment, not relaying replacement bodies in the event of absence, general abilities not present.

We understand what you require, time is money! We are here to ensure the best quality, the correct qualified individuals are placed for the correct role, tools and equipment are already present before a placement is made, as a company we operate a policy to ensure relay of replacement prior to a fore-seen absence. Our company policy requires all Sub-Contractors to have valid insurance in place with the legal minimum requirement before placements are provided.

Peace of mind for our client is our Company.

Welcome to productivity... Welcome to Success... Welcome to H&H Civils Ltd.

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